Telepathic Animal Communication

At Cimmaron Sanctuary we know that all humans are born with telepathic technology embedded within us, which enables each one of us to communicate with all of Life. 


Few of us have developed the use of this innate technology, and those who have are sometimes called "Animal Communicators."  Most of us humans as a worldwide group are still using physical iPhones, Androids, texting, email and countless other technologies to communicate rapidly with one another.  As a group, we have not yet tapped into our own God-given heritage that enables us to telepathically communicate with any living thing on this planet or beyond - instantaneously and accurately - using our own Telepathy.


At Cimmaron Sanctuary, we are committed to increasing mutual understanding between animals and humans, and to that end, we have interviewed the horses and/or donkey numerous times about different subjects to capture their point of view.  We are posting the recordings of those interviews here so that others can listen and share the information and the animals' wisdom.


We encourage you to imagine telepathy as the voice and the feeling of that Love which connects us all together.

~Sophie Walking Drum, The Tortoise Shell Cat





How We Co-Create with Animals to Bring You These Audios


I, Sophie, the Tortoise Shell Cat, and friends from across the nature kingdom come to this format, and to this earth most intentionally, to share and grow in life with you, our human relatives. 

We combine many voices here to teach about our mutual purposes and mutual ability to communicate.  We first and most wish to reassure you about your own innate Divinity.  Re-awakening this knowing will fully reinstate the original and divine state of Peace within you, your greater human community and with us.  Do not be quick to leave the conversation based on disbelief or unfamiliarity!  You wish co-operation from and health within your animal partners.   We will show you how to better proceed, based on how we proceed with you!


We accomplish communication with you through Telepathy, like we do with one another and all other life forms, and like you didbefore you learned to speak the language of your own species.  As you may have gained respect for other cultures by learning additional languages, so, too, will you gain our trust, respect and cooperation by remembering that which is basic and mutual.  You will gain, also, an unexpected degree of self-benefit on many dear and meaningful levels.


We'd like you to rest assured at this point in your inquiry, it is a remembering of the most basic and innate!  No one fails who comes with humility and respect.  It is a case of, as your teacher of love has said, knocking and having the door be opened.


Telepathy is also the undercurrent to all verbal language.  It is the feeling, and the mental pictures that we all send with each of our thoughts.  Without laboring to add them, they yet create the deeper comprehension and context of our conversations.  Like us, you have your own style of whinnies and meows and chirps and howls,  yet we are are all so basically alike; adventurous spirits inhabiting –- and hopefully enjoying! –- life together in our various interesting and differently-skilled body styles, seeking and performing the best expression of our personal work. 


We can share life most fully by emphasizing the mutual, the universal skills and aspects, just like humans are learning is so necessary with making peace and good neighbors of other human cultures.  


Not only your young primarily communicate in this manner, but others of your species whom you consider non or partially able verbally due to what you yet perceive as illness, injury, disorder, or aging.  Animals have consistent ease in the flow of communication with each and all these lovely Beings, and of course, they with us!


Speaking about healing is something we love, too.  More of us animals want to work along side you to help heal other animals and humans; our desire is great and we are immensely capable!   Wait till you listen to what the horses have shared about this!  We love so much to feel the amazement and then the great hope course through your minds and hearts as you encounter such thoughts.  Our human friends Gwen and Winterhawk have facilitated things you can listen to, images of their conversations with horses so you can learn about this, too.


We see that some telepathically-aware humans have begun to train one another to recognize, like we do, that no one is “offline”, as you might say , or disconnected with any other Being within the greater network of Life.  They have begun to teach telepathic skills to parents whose children are called autistic, and these are some of the groups the horses with Gwen have interacted with so well.  WE call that realism,  working with one another right where you both are!   It is a concept you can apply to working with animals, like we do in working with you.


We see and feel you as you work wrapped up in conversation with one another on your little machines that bear the standard of what is now the newer communication level – already you are sending information and feelings without seeing one another, confident that it will surely go and be returned! So this is a form of written telepathy, like your speech is a form, too. 


Pure telepathy is, of course, much faster, more fluid and vivid!  As you simply intend it, your words can go out to us, too, and back to you, easy as this if you are willing.  Soon even the words can fall away to the purity of feeling and meaning.  In the way of the heart that you already experience with animals you love, or people, or plants, or land, speech is stunned into silence by sheer love, beauty, joy, and gratitude for one another.


Winterhawk loves to say that a good systems designer would ensure all the components communicate with one another efficiently, and would it be less magnificently created by the designer the universe?!  She delights in this comparison and it makes us smile.  She does make our working point quite exactly!   Humor and mutual purpose accomplished are certainly two qualities of good communication.  We think you will enjoy each other, more and more as you dive in, too!


We hope we have helped clarify that from algae to cat, horse to star, plant to ant, elemental to mineral, water to non-physical Being, tree to human, all do speak.  With respectful intention, all can hear through the ears of the one universal innate language.  All can, and eventually will, come to remember and employ the simple essential truth and purpose of life.  Those who call it Love speak most accurately. 


We are come to promote, to model, and to enjoy with you life as a form ofmutual nourishment.  As conditions and questions arise, come and communicate with us!  We can inform you of the Why's in our behaviors, and what is and isn't working to our benefit in our diets, our tack, hoof and health care, bodywork, rehabilitation, training, and relations with other animals, and with humans. 


We can also indicate the proper work for ourselves, and save everyone a lot of effort and frustration!  When its time, we can guide you and ease the way for all of us in our transition from physical life.  Because of that good design of the universe, too, we can even assist you from spirit to understand our lives and our passings, and to help heal your hearts.


We now call our consultations via Winterhawk's facilitation Commune-ications.  She, and we, are available to assist you and your companion and working animal friends in the most practical and manner.  She will note how to contact her, verbally!  We've asked Winterhawk and Gwen to soon compile a list for you of some useful books for broadening your understanding about and skills in Telepathy, and to see what myriad folks around the world are sharing about what the animals have taught them, from working together better in events and therapies to the further ethical and spiritual matters between us.  Communication is becoming very widely known and used!


Please write to our humans and ask questions, we have asked them to facilitate us in a question and answer way on the pages belonging to each of their points of web-coordinates (sites) so we can speak together soon!


We do Thank You for investing your time with us.  We look forward to sharing, as individuals and in various groupings our Voice with you, which is truly the voice of All hearts, yours and ours.  


contact for Winterhawk:

Winterhawk Animal Commune-ications

707-583-2348   Worldwide sessions by phone.