Rudy, the Miniature Donkey

Very, very smart

Rudy aka Rudolfo, holds the position of Lead Ambassador - Miniature Donkey for Cimmaron Sanctuary.


Rudy can be shy around the barn and a little protective, because he's so small compared to the horses.  However, he loves to be included with the horses,
especially to be in the same barn with them.  He's been the happiest sharing a paddock with Fancy. 


If he thinks he's being left out for some reason, especially if Fancy is gone too long, he bellows the loudest heehaw you ever heard until the situation is corrected to his satisfaction!

Rudy loves music in the sun

Rudy's formal name is Rudolfo. 


He is also known as "Rudy Doodles" and, when he's out and about, "Rudy the Rock Star!"  That's because he knows how to play to his audience, ooze the mini donkey charm and appeal to everyone in the crowds.


He is the hit at local parades - all the kids want to pet the donkey, and seniors follow him down the street to get a donkey hug. 

Very, very adorable



Miniature donkeys were first imported into the U.S. in the 1920's from Sicily and Sardinia. 


Donkeys qualify as miniatures if they stand 36 inches or less at the withers.  Many of these donkeys live longer than 30 years, so we will have
Rudy with us for a very long time.

Rudy lets you know what he's thinking and he notices everything

Donkeys are a member of the equine family and have been domesticated since
3000 B.C., about the same time as horses. Acclimated to arid climates, the
donkey can scavange and assimilate food from scanty landscapes. 


Donkeys originate from the African Wild Ass and over time have been used for farming,
dairy, war and as pack animals.  Today, many are pets.  Their reputation for
stubbornness speaks of strong survival instincts.  With Rudy, we have big
discussions about when and where he is going to eat and graze!