Cimmaron Sanctuary is a proud member of Equine Welfare Alliance. 


EWA is an umbrella organization representing equine welfare organizations, equine rescues and individuals involved in a grass roots effort dedicated to ending the slaughter of American Horses and the protection of our Wild Horses & Burros on public lands.  Get involved!




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The mother of one of the young children coming to Cimmaron Sanctuary told us that Cimmaron Sanctuary is the perfect venue for the Highly Sensitive Child (HSC) who is interested in animals.  Our location is peaceful, and the horses are peaceful and loving. 


At Cimmaron Sanctuary, her child communicates with each of the horses in her and their own collective, special ways.  She is free to assimilate at her own personal pace.  She can investigate possibilities and create her own activities with the horses and on the ranch as she is ready to do so, within our guidelines, of course. 


Mom discovered this book by Elaine N. Aron, best selling author and psychologist, which she said is an “owner’s manual” for her daughter.  The extreme end of the HSC spectrum is autism.