Theo and Rebecca - Last-minute desperation for 1 horse opens the door for many more to have a decent and humane retirement after a lifetime of service to mankind

"Dear Gwen,

I wanted to thank you for all of your help in finding the perfect spot for my best friend Theo, now Uriel. When I arrived at the ranch [Humanity for Horses], I was nervous that Theo would be scared but to my amazement he was excited and was not worried about where I was at all.  I spent about an hour there because he was so calm and content. I was prepared to spend the night to help him but there was no need.


I am so relieved and grateful to you. That place is special, almost magical with the mountain that calms and heals the soul. It is my wish come true for my friend...You should be very proud of yourself for all of the lives you are saving. I am amazed and very happy. I thank you with all my heart." - Ingrid, Vacaville, CA

Ingrid contacted us, desperate to find a home for Theo, who had been her best friend for seven years.  Both she and her husband were out of work, their home was in foreclosure, and they had been unable to pay Theo's board bill for some time.  The ranch demanded that he be moved.


Mandolin, a pregnant Thoroughbred mare, was in the same situation.  Humanity for Horses agreed to take both horses.  At the last minute, Mandolin went to a local rancher.  We called a Thoroughbred breeding farm in the area, asking if they had a broodmare they would like to have taken off their hands.  They offered Rebecca.


Rebecca is a 24 year old Thoroughbred mare who won approximately $400,000 at the race track.  Then she was sent to a breeding farm, where she has had 17 babies, including the baby at her side when we picked her up.  The two were separated, Rebecca was loaded into the trailer, and she and Theo, now Uriel, travelled north to become permanent residents of the Sanctuary. 


Rebecca is the first of the "mothers" who are being welcomed by Humanity for Horses with the assistance of Cimmaron Sanctuary.  Ingrid has also agreed to help in this effort.