Ms. Fancy, The Legacy

Photo by Jane Peleti, The Community Voice, December 2011

Ms. Fancy had been in service to mankind for several decades, mostly in the traditional role of a quarter horse working stock, when she joined Cimmaron Sanctuary. 


It was a wonderful blessing to everyone that she became part of our family - a blessing to the other horses for whom she was a steadfast role model, to the children who came to visit, communicate and learn, and to everyone around her conscious enough to recognize the depth of her wisdom and unconditional love.  And, in her role at Cimmaron Sanctuary, she was able to focus on what she loved most - kids, kids and more kids!


Fancy held the position of Lead Ambassador, Horse right from the start.  She was the cornerstone of our initial Horsemanship Program, the first horse so many children met and experienced in their lifetime.   She was also the first horse they touched, handled, took for a walk, rode, and gave a bath to, at Cimmaron Sanctuary.  The kids practiced horsemanship first with Rudy, the miniature donkey, "to learn the ropes," then they graduated to Fancy to interact with their first real horse.

Fancy brought immense wisdom, humor, life and love to Cimmaron Sanctuary and to those who frequented our barn.  She instinctively knew how to stand like a statue
around the children until they got acclimated to being near an animal as big as a horse.  This knowing was especially critical for the autistic kids who came to visit.


And she tolerated all of their actions, gentle and not so gentle, with grace and patience.  When it was time to ride, she gave them a wonderful, bouncy trot that allowed them to develop what is called a real "seat" on a horse.


Fancy was of the traditional Quarterhorse foundation breeding stock, built like a Mack truck - solid, low to the ground, and very mobile.  She had the classical Breyer horse markings - bay horse with wavy mane and tail, centered diamond blaze and four white stockings.  Picture-perfect in every traditional way.


She took care of all of the kids who were around her or on her back.  And next to food and treats, she lived for the kids to visit, to have them to take care of and to teach them the wisdom of life.  Fancy set the stage as an inspiring role model, and the other horses at Cimmaron Sanctuary are following in her majestic hoof and footsteps.  Fancy passed into the spirit world February 19, 2012.