Mommy & Me Ranch Visits

We created this program at the request of Moms who have asked to bring their very young children to the ranch to become acquainted with horses. 


Small children are fascinated by the horses, and the horses are just waiting for the kids to come out and visit! 


This is an amazing match of curiosity, wonder and playfulness. 


The visits are private sessions, customized to the child's needs and interests. 

Kylie watching the farrier work on Gentleman Jim

On one of Kylie's visit to the ranch, she watched our Farrier trim and reshape Gentleman Jim's feet. 


How the horse's feet are shaped is one of the most important aspects of horse care for a domestic horse.  That's because the shape of their feet establishes the biomechanics affecting how their entire body moves.


If it's done right, the body moves in unison and harmony. 

Belle is full of life and wisdom for kids

At the ranch, the kids walk right into a world full of horses - all colors, shapes and sizes. 


The miniature horse, Liberty Belle (Belle), is a very big hit with the youngest of kids.  She's just the right size to welcome them, and she's adorable.  By the way, in case there is any doubt, she absolutely knows how to work it!

Happy ducks on a summer day

A short walk from the barn to the duck pond lets us peek at the white duck family who love to swim in the pond and then dry off in the sun.


There are two duck families living at the pond:  one family of 3 ducks is historical - they've been here on the ranch for a long time. 


The other duck family is new - we raised 8 baby ducks in the barn, then let them loose at the pond.  They adopted another lone duck, so their family is now 9 ducks.  They all travel back and forth regularly between the barns (for pelletted duck food) and the pond.

There are two geese families - four parents and twelve babies this year, growing quickly.  They walk between the pasture, the pond and the outdoor horse performance arena all day long.  When they swim, they swim all in a row! 


The trees around the pond are also home to many beautiful birds who thrive on the ranch.


In the Fall, the gooselings fly off, emmigrating elsewhere.  The parents return to the ranch and reproduce again in the spring to begin the cycle of new life all over again.

Your donation of $25 for one mom and child or $20 each for two moms and kids to visit Cimmaron Sanctuary is much appreciated!  Please contact us to set up a time and day for a great experience!

Please download, sign, and bring on your first visit

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