KylieJ 15 years old - FAS, Focus Challenges

Kylie's passion in life is horses.  She is also challenged by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which has impacted her ability to study, do chores, and take even two-step directions. 


As she approached her fifteenth birthday, her family said she was experiencing increasing difficulties in these areas, and they were considering medicating as a last resort.


However, she discovered Cimmaron Sanctuary, where she fell in love with Noble, a kind, handsome, gentle and very needy horse.


Kylie asked if she could volunteer to help with our horses.  She lives close by, and she is a good hand at the barn, so we welcomed her help and her quiet, loving way around our horses.  Her family encouraged her to come to our barn 4-5 days/week, and we cooperate on transportation to and from the barn to facilitate her visits.


Shortly after barn visits started, her mother noticed a big change.  Kylie is so motivated to come to the barn, she gets up early in the morning, completes home studies whether there is noise in the house or not, and her chores are done on time.  She is packed and ready to leave for the barn by 12:30pm every week day.


In Kylie's case at this time, strengthening her ability to focus and take multiple-step directions is achieved by motivating her from the heart. 


And we recognize she is one of those people born with a special gift for animals, particularly horses, so we wish to support her in developing this gift and her overall knowledge of horsemanship.

Kylie is Gifted a New Pair of Winter Muck Boots

Kylie in her new Muck boots!

When severe winter weather - rain storm after rain storm - hit Northern California, Kylie continued coming to the barn wearing leather street boots.  There wasn't a budget yet for waterproof, winter barn boots.


Kylie's natural gifts and talents for animals/horses, along with how the horses are helping her overcome her focus challenges, were mentioned at a local feedstore. 


One of the managers there gifted her with a new pair of winter Muck boots so she could continue coming to the barn and work safely and comfortably with the horses through all the mud, rain water puddles and slimy surfaces resulting from an onslaught of back-to-back rain storms.