Callie 4 years old - A Tubie with hypersensitive auditory issues and fear of animals

Callie discovering life at the barn

Callie is now 4 years old, and she is a miracle!


Talk about catastrophic illness - she is a "tubie," which means she is fed through a tube in her stomach, which leads to her heart.  She is in and out of Northern California hospitals whenever she has a tubal infection or some other type of complication.


Callie is very full of life.  She is a talented singer, she floats to music, and she is so active she's hard to contain in any one setting. 


She also has an acute sensory awareness, combined with fear of animals.  When she sees an animal and feels fear, she covers her ears with her hands and sometimes screams.


When Callie first came to our barn, she was terrified of the horses.  Upon subsequent visits, she quickly acclimated to the energy of the horses.  Shortly, she couldn't wait to offer them treats and to even climb up Big Jim's gate to hug him.


Mom says she reverts back to extreme fear of animals and puts her hands over her ears at the sight of an animal if she's not making weekly barn visits to Cimmaron Sanctuary.  However, when she is visiting regularly, she exhibits no fear of animals, and there is no sensory pressure.