Caden's Story

Caden's parents said that Caden spends his days mostly screaming.  And each time they enrolled him into a new activity, such as karate, in less than 10 minutes, he would have a tantrum and wind up in the fetal position.  Finally, Mom decided to "try animals."

Visit #1

On his 1st visit to our ranch, Caden loved the baby frogs hopping around our pond, as you can see his delight below!

Caden discovering baby frogs at the pond!

Caden then took masterful charge of Belle, the miniature horse, as he led her all around her paddock - fearless and full of purpose!

Caden masterfully taking Belle for a walk!

Visit #2

On his 2nd visit, Caden learns some basics about taking care of Belle - cleaning her hooves and grooming her.

Visit #3 - They rode and they loved it!

Visit #4 - He rode the "big horse!"

Caden - fearless, masterful, full of delight and loving the moment on Noble!