Meet Some of Our Kids

We have been very blessed in the past few years since offering services to people and horses. 


The truth is that horses are the best therapists on the planet for humans.  They are wise, sentient beings who can scan and read our psyches from a long distance.  They know in advance of us approaching them what kind of support we need from spending time with them.  It really is a priviledge to be in the presence of horses.


And so, real horsemanship happens while we are walking up to a horse, talking to a horse, standing on the ground around a horse, leading a horse, or sitting in the saddle on top of a horse.  It's all about the communication between horse and human, the energy, and the mutual respect of the relationship that becomes established.


At Cimmaron Sanctuary, we are grateful that we witness personal transformations happening every time a human comes to visit the horses.  And the transformations can happen also with the horses - a handshake across the fence.  We are all sentient beings here to progress, evolve and communicate.

Session Details

  • The initial visit is a tour of the ranch, so you can acclimate to the energy of the place and get your bearings as to what is where on the property (we want you to feel comfortable being here)
  • We try to keep individual sessions to an hour.  Sometimes a child needs more time than that, so we are flexible.  We ask that the parent/guardian be flexible as well.
  • If you are coming mid-day, please bring some type of lunch or snack for your child.
  • Individual sessions are booked on a donation basis, depending on what you are able to comfortably contribute.  Of course, if you ask the horses, they are going to say that a bag of carrots or apples would be just perfect!