How Horses Help People

It has been proven scientifically that horses help humans physically, mentally, and emotionally, and horses have been helping humans for centuries.

Physical Benefits

In the 5th century B.C., the ancient Greeks used horses to provide physical therapy for injured soldiers.  Now, there are facilities all over the country where humans receive equine therapy for strokes, back injuries, cerebral palsy, and so many other types of physical issues.


Did you know that when a human sits on a horse's back at the walk, the rider's body imitates the motion of a human walking normally?  This movement provides a great physical therapy option for back injuries by waking up the spine.  Riding a horse also exercises the human's joints, strengthens core muscle groups and stimulates an attempt to balance.

Mental Benefits

It has been proven that being around horses benefits humans, and especially children, with increased confidence, longer attention spans, improved communication skills, stronger motivation, feeling empowered, and becoming more socially open and available.  Autistic children may become calmer and sometimes begin to talk.

Emotional Benefits

Did you know that when children and adults are in the presence of horses, we become quiet, peaceful and grounded?  Petting a horse, and any animal for that matter, also lowers our blood pressure and our heart rates.  Caring about an animal lengthens our lives and increases our ability to heal ourselves, feel contentment and be peaceful.

Spiritual Benefits

We know from the sweet and loving looks on the horses' faces at special moments during the day or when children come to visit that horses are God's children, just like us, and spiritual beings in a body, just like us. 


The awe-inspiring wisdom they continue to express through animal communicators is full of love for living things and humans, even when they have suffered at our hand. 


We believe the mystique of horses, based in their innate spirituality, is what continues to fascinate people in the movies and books of horse stories - Secretariat, Seabiscuit, The Horse Whisperer, Black Beauty, and so many other movies about these wonderful creatures.