Horse Rescue Outreach Program - Our Extended Herd

There are horses in the community whose families love them but who are in jeopardy of needing rescue due to these harsh economic times.  Sometimes their families can provide for most of their horses' expenses but not all.  In those cases, Cimmaron Sanctuary subsidizes the maintenance of the animals to the extent we are able.


Our Rescue Outreach Program allows caring people like you to make donations to contribute to the upkeep of these horses so they can remain in their homes with their families nearby and not become high-risk rescue horses, earmarked for slaughter or worse.


It is expected that subsidizing these animals will be short-term while their families restructure.  Please donate - to help us help them.

Romeo in his peaceful paddock

My name is Romeo because I'm handsome and magnificent.  My dad works in construction, and he's had a tough time for the past few years - just when I was old enough to need training.  Things came to a crisis, and they got worked out in cooperation with Cimmaron Sanctuary. 


So, now my dad provides for my paddock and shelter, and Cimmaron Sanctuary provides my hay, worming, hoof trimming and blankets.  They also facilitated me getting some training in ground manners so people want to be around me, and physical conditioning so I can have a sport as soon as I'm ready.  Life is very good, and I hope to go into full training sometime soon!

SUCCESS - Little Guy's Mom got a new job! This family will be self-sufficient by early summer 2012

Little Guy in the Sun

My name is Little Guy, and I and my friend, Oscar, have been together as a family for many years.  Now we share a space together, as times are tough.  We don’t have a shelter to live in any more; I wish we did. 


We stand together when it rains, gets cold or is windy.  Thank goodness we do have blankets to protect us from the weather!


I wish I could have more hay to eat, though.   My person brings me lots of carrots every week, and we both like that a lot. 


She says our monthly board is only $150/month, but even though she is working two jobs, she is having difficulty supporting us.  If you can make a donation to help us, we can have more to eat, and we would be very grateful for your kindness and generosity.

SUCCESS - Oscar's Mom got a new job! This family will be self-sufficient by early summer 2012

Oscar paying attention

My name is Oscar but you can call me Boo-Boo, everyone does. My job is to keep my gray horse friend, Little Guy, company.


I’m also the official time keeper.  Exactly 20 minutes before it is time for someone to feed us, I let everyone know.


I’m sad because my person can only come see us once a week.  I want her to come and bring the carrots every day.  We also need more hay to eat.