Nicholas - Stifle Injury & Healing Modalities

Nicholas is friends with most of the Cimmaron Sanctuary horses.  And, since he likes to be included in everything, we've added a page here to chronicle his experience in recovering from a serious stifle injury.


In the Fall two years ago, he was working in the round pen, surfaced with gravel and rubber particles, and was travelling fast.  A horse went by and distracted him, causing him to cut the circle too tight.  His right rear leg slipped - he landed first on the ankle and then all the way down on the stifle joint. 


Unfortunately, he was scheduled to be moved, and he doesn't tolerate separation well.  Ultimately he was moved three times every three months thereafter, so just as the leg was beginning to strengthen, he would reinjure himself.  He settled into a stable and peaceful location by summertime.  Throughout this time we had engaged various bodyworkers to assist him in healing but progress was slow and difficult.  That is, until we found Kat Ripley, equine massage, and Belinda Burnside, equine bodyworker trained in chiropractic, osteopathy and naturopathy.


Since that time, Nicholas has been making steady and remarkable progress.  He's being worked four times/week for twenty minutes in both directions in the round pen, and he is now able to carry a saddle during his workouts. 


It's obvious from the confidence in his face and in his movement that he knows where his leg is going to be when he needs it.  He is muscling up in a balanced way, his stride is balanced front and back, and his body is changing from that of an invalid to that of a fit athlete.


We interviewed Nicholas several times during this recovery phase with Kat and/or Belinda participating in the sessions.  Listen to how Nicholas describes the way his body responds to their manner, their point of reference, their intention and their skills.

Nicholas speaks through Winterhawk on first two sessions with Kat & Belinda Burnside
Nicholas describes the effects of osteopathy, explains how Kat begins healing before she touches him; she is here to serve & to please the horse, to bring his body into alignment, ease and balance.
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Nicholas and Kat Ripley through Winterhawk on Kat's second visit with Nicholas
She works on me as if from the inside out; it's a wonderful style - you get space in it; it's about listening, touching, waiting, that's how Nature works, holding the highest picture of healing
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