Healing for Horses

Our work in horse rescue and rehabilitation has exposed us to many techniques, types of treatment and healing modalities over the years as we explore solutions to assist horses to heal.


Most of the horses we take in have been performance horses, whether it be racing, show jumping, 3-day eventing or any of a number of professional/amateur performance activities.  We have learned a lot about assisting the body, mind and spirit to restore itself to wholeness, as in the case of Gentleman Jim.


In this section, we chronicle case studies of the horses in our care who have and/or are experiencing healing - whether it's physical, mental, emotional or a combination.  Every horse is different, just like people.  So, for one horse there is the issue of healing past emotional traumas to enjoy the present, while others require specific physical attention.


We are posting the audio files of communication sessions with the horses so you can share the stories the horses are sharing with us, facilitated by Winterhawk, Animal Commune-icator (see Resources).