Meet the Cimmaron Sanctuary Horses

Proud and Elegant



My new name is Gentleman Jim.  I'm an Irish Thoroughbred who was a top show jumper when I had a bad crash. 


It was a horrible shock that my career was suddenly over, along with all the attention, praise and glamor.   Then my owner abandoned me. 


At Cimmaron Sanctuary I do steady, light work with kids and adults.  I love the little kids the most, and I'm happy to be part of the herd.  The kids call me "Big Jim."

Handsome and powerful

I am Dakota.  I was diagnosed incurably lame with severe ringbone and could hardly walk when I was looking for a safe home.  I am ten years old, larger than life and I now move balanced and solid at the walk, trot, canter and gallop barefoot. 


They call me Mr. Congeniality at Cimmaron Sanctuary - I am very good friends with all of the horses.  It's hard to say who likes me more, the mares or the geldings, and, of course, it doesn't really matter.  

Intelligent and sensitive

They call me Rowdy.  I moved to a new home and started "training." I had a bad accident, and some people considered me a lost cause.  Cimmaron Sanctuary doesn't believe in "lost causes" so here I am - at your service! 


I am Arabian and Quarter, a good mix - sturdy, fast and strong.  I pay attention to everything around me, and I like working in the round pen to get my muscles strong.  I let my handler know if they take their eyes off me or they think about something else when I'm working.  They say I'm a very nice guy and all horse.


At Cimmaron Sanctuary, they have given me the picture of being happy under saddle, reliable and steady.  I am building confidence so I can enjoy new experiences.  I love my friends at Cimmaron Sanctuary.

Noble turned out in the sun

My name is Noble, and I'm as sweet as any horse could possibly be.  All I want is to do a good job, be treated well, and feel like I'm part of the herd.


When I was two years old, my person brought me to a trainer.  Turns out my person could not pay the trainer's bills, so he was going to take me home and shoot me. 


The trainer understood how nice I am, and she took possession of me in trade for the training fees owed to her.  She used me for kids' lessons for some time, but then her job changed, and I lost my job.


I spent 9 years in one place, most of the time without anything to do except stick my neck through the piped panelling and crib.  Then, suddenly, Cimmaron Sanctuary arrived!  I found myself in a trailer, and now I'm living in a whole new world. 


I'm part of the Cimmaron Sanctuary Horsemanship Center at Sonoma Mountain Equestrian Center, where there is constant activity, lots of horses and so many new things for me to adjust to, it's never a dull moment.  I like it, I'm settling in, and I look forward to working with lots of kids.

Jan quiet for a moment

My name is Jan.  When Gwen found me, I had been starved all winter, left out in the cold, and I was standing in mud 2 feet deep.  My ankle joint had lost all of the cartilege, so I could hardly walk.  I was so weak I could barely turn my head.


Gwen came to visit, and two days later, on New Year's Eve, she came back with a trailer, put a blanket on me and asked me to load.  This could not be worse than where I was, and I was glad to take the chance.  I wound up in a sturdy and safe barn with a wardrobe of blankets to keep me warm and lots of good food to help me heal. 


I was put on a regimented nutriceutical diet overseen by ABC, and six months later my ankle joint was completely healed.  I could once again run and play.  This was a welcome relief after six months of box stall rest with hand walking every night. 


It took Gwen and her sister six months to get all of the mud off of my body, even though they had plenty of hot water in the barn.  To this day I hate the mud.  The rest of my story is a much happier tale, and today I feel so good and happy I am wild with joy!

Very sweet like pixies

Violette and Molly have been together long enough to be inseparable.  Violette, the dark bay horse, is insecure and fearful, and with good reason.  Molly, loving and kind, is supportive and encouraging, and she takes very good care of Violette. 


Violette was found with three other horses on an acre of land in cold weather - not one blade of grass on the property and no hay in the feeder.  The horses were eating eucalyptus bark to stay alive. 


Violette is too afraid to be alone.  Molly does a beautiful job of being her best friend, always getting along and, when they feel like it, flying like the wind down the pasture side by side!  Talk about a horse race - wow!


Molly and Violette were ultimately retired to a larger, permanent sanctuary in Mt. Shasta, where they can run and play on a 155-acre ranch surrounded by Mt. Shasta and beautiful views in all directions.