Autism - The Horses' and Donkey's Point of View

A Visit to the Ranch

Cimmaron Sanctuary is extremely interested in working with children and adults who are considered "autistic."  There is a school near us called The Cypress School, which is dedicated to the care and education of autistic kids up to the age of 22. 


We invited The Cypress School to come to our ranch, meet the horses, and experience nature in a peaceful setting. Over time, most of the classrooms at The Cypress School have made visits to the ranch.


The first visit was challenging, because the kids were 17-22, severely autistic and non-verbal.  It was the horses' and our first experience with these kids, and we learned a lot.  Fancy and Rudy, God bless them, instinctively knew how to set the role model for interaction with these kids and also how to set the stage for all of us, horses and people, for future interactions.


After the first visit, we did a de-brief with Winterhawk and the horses and donkey, so we could understand from the animals' perspective what exactly had gone on during the visit.  We also wanted to know the animals' understanding of those humans living under the label of "autism" in the hope it would help us become better equipped to interact with them in the future and to add meaning to their lives.


Since that first visit, we engaged in sessions with Winterhawk before and after the experiences, and the audio recordings are posted FYI.  We believe the insights the horses and donkey are offering are extremely important to humans as a race and to the state of the world, as everything reduces itself down to principles of  love.