A Place Where Magic Happens for Horses and Kids!

Fancy and Annie

Cimmaron Sanctuary takes in horses who need a home and a purpose, many of whom are referred to as "rescue horses."  


Sometimes we adopt a horse until he or she can be placed in a permanent home, and other times we provide a lifelong home for them in the Sanctuary.


While these horses are in our care, kids of all ages visit the barn to interact with the horses.  What happens is magical and results in personal transformation for both the horses and the humans - a beautiful handshake across both sides of the fence.  


And for those who are interested in riding, we offer a comprehensive Horsemanship Program for all levels of human skill and interest.  Our horses who participate in the Horsemanship Program welcome establishing a partnership with their riders, and everyone benefits from the mutual exchange.

Our Services

Mommy & Me Visits, Kylie, Brooklyn & Noble

We offer a variety of services, Mommy & Me Visits, Buckaroo Visits,  Volunteer Program and some forms of Community Service. 


The experiential interaction between human (child, teenager or adult) and horse is healing, encouraging and delightful!  


Being around horses improves our physical health and well being and builds confidence, balance, self-assurance, the ability to trust and partner.


Horses give willingly, even when they have every reason not to.  That's because they are spiritual beings who are forgiving and wish to please.  They are willing to give us another chance at creating that bond of partnership, mutual respect and care which endures.

We teach and/or facilitate how humans can make their exchange with horses in ways which benefit the human and the horse as a team, which we call "conscious horsemanship," including:

  • communicating with the horses as our partners in life, our teachers and our healers; 
  •  learning responsible, respectful and sensitive care for the horses;
  •  developing expert riding skills so both horse and rider enjoy the experience. 


Our professional instructors are also available to start young horses off on the right foot/hoof, correct undesirable behavior, and/or bring out the positive competitor in a horse with performance aptitude.  The purpose is to facilitate the horse enjoying life as a full, eager participant, relaxed and positive.


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About Us

A Visit to the Ranch

Cimmaron Sanctuary is a nonprofit California corporation. 


Allow us to introduce ourselves. Learn more about our organization's origins, the horses and the people involved in Cimmaron Sanctuary.  We're looking forward to meeting you!